Pregnancy and studying

Velisiwe Mangoye

I was 2 weeks into my final year 1st semester when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I’m one of those women who dread their periods because of the unbearable cramps accompanying it. I never look forward to my periods and that made me not realize that they had not come.


One morning when I was in class I started feeling cramps, the ones I get during my periods, this made me realize that my period was way overdue. After class I went straight to a pharmacy and bought two pregnancy test kits. I somehow knew I was pregnant. But I just had to confirm it. Both tests came out positive. The first thing I did was to take pictures of the tests and sent them to my friends. I don’t know how I felt but I was definitely not disappointed or hurt. The following week I went for an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy tests kit results. The baby was a very small dot at that time but I inevitably fell in love with my dot.


Well the following weeks and the rest of the semester were the worst of the pregnancy so far. I was always tired, sleepy, dizzy, grumpy, and sad; the list is just too long. I did not want to eat anything except sour foods. I’ve always been a chocolate lover but since I got pregnant I can’t even stand the brownness of it. Well I haven’t experienced any nausea so far and I hope it stays that way.


By the way I’m now 28 weeks along!! Let’s meet again next week………..for questions and topic suggestions:




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