Hoping for the Hopeless…..


by Samantha Kuboni

It has been 2 years since her graduation and she is still in the queue for those hoping to get a fitting job in relation to the degree that she has. She studied Journalism and Media studies at the National University of Science and Technology soon after High school. When asked about what made her decide to go to college she did not show the enthusiasm that most part ones have towards university and its life.

‘I can’t say it was my decision to go to varsity. It seemed the most natural thing to do after high school’, she said.

She added that things after Varsity did not go the way that she had anticipated when she first started, but it was what she made out of the situation. Choosing the course for Ropah was the most interesting and challenging one among the options offered at the college, and the expectations after where that seen on American series or the Bob Woodward features but alas.

Like thousands of other graduates she is struggling to get a permanent job in the country, but rather scrambling over any opportunity of a job even when it is a one month contract.

Asked about her current job, she sighs and says, ‘no permanent job at the moment but doing a lot of media relations in social work field. Well…, it pays okay and well at times’,

However, the lack of enthusiasm from graduates can be highly attributed to the crippling economic situation in Zimbabwe. In 2014, the DailyNews reported that an estimated 40000 graduates are unemployed and resorting to vending and it is now 2017, and the situation is only but getting worse.

Going to varsity has become more of a status thing than wanting to contribute your knowledge to the country because there are no jobs after. Dreams have become shattered and expectations crashed, it is hoping for the hopeless…




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