Dance is art…

CHARACTER   PROFILE-  by Universe. M.

I wasn’t born to dance…

FAMOUS AS: Pasha TitanAE

NAME: Pasha Mpala

DATE OF BIRTH: 03 February 1993


OCCUPATION: Student, President of Rawfest Africa

CLAIM TO FAME: Hiphop dancing

RELATIONSHIP: “In a relationship with an amazing woman”

“I believe if you set your mind on something, research, plan and work hard, YOU CAN DO IT”


I am the president of Rawfest Africa, a dance organisation founded by Incognito USA. It’s an annual dance battle event that has been running for 2 years now. I am now in partnership with white cotton clothing, so these fancy apparel I wear are designed by them. As Super Geeks dance crew, we have worked with Sandra Ndebele, Ba Shupi, the Zim Hiphop awards last year, Dreamstar finale and a whole lot of other things, I can’t mention them all


I want to share my talent with the world and be the best dancer that has ever lived. Most importantly I want to make dance a career, not just for myself but even for the generations to come, such that dance would be weighed like any other career. I would like to also teach the next generation to be world class dancers just like I wished to be taught when I first started dancing. I am a self-taught dancer so I know the hardships and I should be the last that knows of such hardships.


Well, I am not that much of an outgoing person; I love my solitude in confined places. I am an Otaku, I watch a lot of anime and I am a gamer too, especially mortal combat XL, I will beat anyone any day. I like programming as well and researching about latest gadgets and scientific discoveries.


  • I really wasn’t born to dance, even my body isn’t that of a dancer, but through hard work I am where I am today.
  • People mistake my silence for pride, but actually I am very shy.
  • Everything that I am is through the grace of God.




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