By Clarence Dube

Lionel Billy Kaunda is a young artist who stays in Babourfields. He is a passionate fashion designer who is motivated by the culture of young people around him. I had a chat with the artist who gave me an insight about his life as a young artist in Bulawayo.

Clarence: How did you get to where you are?

Billy:  God, hard work, determination, good business partners and the community centre in Mzilikazi where I work played a part in getting me where I am.

Clarence: What is important for an artist to reach their goals?

Billy: Proper planning, research, positive daily decisions, hard work, consistency, and patience. In short you plant, cultivate then you harvest.

Clarence: How do you infuse technology into your trade?

Billy: I use new technology like social media for marketing and advertising.

Clarence: What has been your biggest project thus far?

Billy: Tote bags have been the biggest project

Clarence: Which degree do you study at the National University of Science and Technology?

Billy: Honours degree in industrial and manufacturing engineering.

Clarence: Does it influence your craft?

Billy: Yes because it equips me with knowledge and skills that will help me to develop and manage a manufacturing company or plant in Future.

Clarence: Who’s your woman crush every day?

Billy: Sheeba Ndlovu

Clarence: Last words to other artists and the youth in general?

Billy: Make the right choices now because life is a long game, young people should start building now and put their trust in God.

Follow this link to view our interview on YouTube


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