#3 Simple Steps to break into the mainstream market.

Sineke Sibanda

“There is always a room for your idea…”

Amongst a plethora challenges we often find ourselves in as young and upcoming come entrepreneurs is how we can make it into the mainstream market. More often than not, we sit on our ideas at home and fail to give them the status and publicity they deserve.

We of-course are to blame to an extent but it is not entirely our fault. To an extent, it is true, we are not to blame but those already in the industry for not giving us the opportunity to prove what we can do.

  1. Be specific about your idea.

I have learnt quite a few things though, it is unless you know what exactly it is that you want that you will begin to find relevance. I met this guy once and he told me that a key aid to this sickness is in the secret of an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is basically a concept that challenges you to be able to summarise your idea into the shortest possible yet clear way such that if you met a potential investor in an elevator, by the time they reach their destination, you know whether they intend to meet you to discuss the idea in depth.

In most cases, young entrepreneurs rumble around their concept and leave it to the potential investor to go round their mouthful words to find out what your idea wants to address. Know exactly what you want to do and be able to capture it as clear as possible.

  1. Open arms approach.

More often than not, our ideas, no matter how good, hit a brick hall not because they are not good enough, but because we are money-motivated. We of course all want to make money through our innovations but in order to convince the market that your product s ideal, you may need to use an open arms approach.

This is when you approach a potential client, offer them the product for a free trial for a specific period. This helps you in many ways, it will give the client time to assess your product, identify strengths and loopholes, which you can use to better your product. It will also show them that you have confidence in your product, which is ideal for people to respect you and your work and probably offer you a chance to live your dream.

  1. Value relationship more than the dollar.

Lastly, business is about networks more than it is about the money. Networks will lead you to the money anyway. It is more important for your potential clients to trust you and be able to relate with you without any caution to consider.

Good relationships often open doors because you position yourself as someone with a solution in a particular area. It makes your clients view you as a guru in your area.

There are of course a lot of other things we can look at to break into the mainstream marketplace to make our innovations compete with others already in the market, however, for developing countries where the mainstream market is very conservative and resistant to new ideas, the ones outlined above could help in making you enter the market.


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