Perks and Hitches of Pregnancy and Studying

By Velisiwe Ashley Mangoye

Pregnancy has its ups and downs. For me, during the first half of the first trimester the negatives outweighed the positives. As I mentioned in my previous blog, you will be feeling so tired all the time. If you are unlucky, nausea and terrible mood swings would accompany the grogginess. Your eating habits definitely change during pregnancy. I ate lesser than when I was not pregnant. I was always feeling so full and sometimes constipated. I abhorred the smell of meat. Anything sour became my best friend!!!!

What impressed me is that in the second half of the first trimester I gained extra energy to study at night. This helped a lot as I was working on the first stages of my dissertation. All the hitches disappeared. I was myself again, except for the superfluous energy. This stage made me overlook the necessity of identifying a gynaecologist. I thought since I was not feeling sick, then it was too early to think about doctors. I only identified my gynae in my 5th month. Yes, I was still fine at 5months but please never make this mistake. I suggest you visit your gynae, or get one if you don’t have yet, as soon as you find out you are pregnant. This will help you as there are a lot of tests you will have to undergo. Also it’s important to make sure your baby is okay from the earliest days. If injections petrify you like me I’m so sorry, brace yourself. You can’t avoid them. They are the only way to draw your blood for the necessary tests. As if that is not petrifying enough, there are two essential tetanus shots. Heard you get two only on your first pregnancy, and then it’s one. You get them in an interval of 4 weeks. I’m yet to get my second one this coming week. I know it’s for the best but the last one gave me sleepless nights. It was so painful, from the shoulder to my neck and part of my back. But well I’m looking forward to it for the sake of my baby.

I’m now 29 weeks along!!!! See you again next week.


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