By Leeandah

Side chick’ or ‘side nigga’ has become the in thing these days in relationships. You can hear someone say I have a main boyfriend and the side boyfriend. The ‘side’ is a word that has been simply used to make cheating seem normal, to make adultery seem like it’s not a sin but something worth exploring.

The ‘side dish’ has been made normal to make relationships strive for longer and be stronger in other terms. For instance, one can have a ‘side dish’ just to give them that ‘adrenaline rush’ that is missing in their body?   This is mainly because they are in a stable relationship with someone but that adrenaline rush is missing in that relationship then one goes and finds someone who awakens the feeling. Most of the people who are engaging in the ‘side dish’ kind of relationship do not intend to commit into a serious relationship but just to play and entertain them.

The side dish kind of a relationship is the one that used to be no strings attached kind of relationship. No strings attached graduated to be commonly known as ‘Friends with benefits’ where by no one owes an obligation, it is just friendship coupled with sexual encounters.

In a relationship where you know you are the side dish there are certain rules of engagement one has to follow and these are :

  • When the main girlfriend calls, you have to maintain silence.
  • You do not just text, him /her text when they can.
  • No posting of pictures together as this will raise alarm
  • The relationship has to be private.
  • When you meet accidentally, you pretend you don’t know each other or you greet formally.

A side dish has the capacity of becoming the ‘main dish’ is some circumstances. The question that still remains in one’s mind is who the side dish is now if you are the main dish. In some instances you main think you are the main dish whilst you are the side dish. Such circumstances lead to brawls in a relationship or what others term ‘sour grapes’ once the truth comes out. This is when we see nude pictures of people circulating on the internet.

Such kinds of relationships are so draining and dangerous in some instances as one has to try by all means to be private in their shenanigans. Being discreet is costly as most private places are expensive.

On the other hand having a ‘side chick‘ is something worth engaging in as one can try something new in their life that will make them happy. Not all marriages and stable relationships are perfect and smooth. One needs to explore something gnew here and there. Having to be stuck with one person that you know in and out tends to bore. Having to learn someone, knowing what turns them on, what makes then ‘tick tock’ is very interesting and worth exploring.


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