What Makes Love Last Longer.


Love is a feeling between two people. When people are in love, they complement each other in a good way. It is necessary that people in a relationship do something amazingly thoughtful out of the ordinary for each other and try to incorporate an element of surprise to it so as to strengthen their love.  A special dinner on an otherwise ordinary night with you partner will have you zing for another. A playlist made up with his favourite songs will constantly remind him of you when he listens to it in the car, on radio or anywhere. These thoughtful acts will embed you in his memory. Engaging in a lot of eye contact with your significant other should be natural. This is one way to keep the romance alive and is especially powerful when making love

There has been a misconception that when you are in a relationship, your partner should understand you perhaps know what you like and what you do not like. However, this is not always the case. Communication between partners is key. One has to teach his/her partner the things that he /she likes. If both partners are happy, it a healthy relationship on both ends. Keeping your significant other happy is important even if it means taking care of their loved ones. When you enter a relationship, you also enter a relationship with all his family members and friends. It is important to show your partner that the people who are important to him are important to you too.

 There are necessary building bricks in a relationship and these include, forgiveness, trust and honesty. The three traits work hand in glove as they complement each other. Forgiveness is about dealing authentically and constructively with anger in a way that leaves room for a couple to keep on trusting, moving and hoping for a better future. Honesty gives one a great deal of comfort. Knowing you can implicitly trust your mate allows you to be your best self, and your relationship will continue to thrive because you are able to give each other the positive energy you need to navigate life’s ups and downs.

One of the nice things about marriage and relationships is being able to have someone else in the bunker when you’re getting shelled.

 Through that one is creating a good teamwork with his/her partner and doing things like travelling, eating together, going for outings strengthens a relationship. Respecting each other’s boundaries is also important in a relationship and giving one his/her space when your significant other is looking for it is vital. It is not wrong to give your partner space because it allows one to think and gather their thoughts and it is important that one is there when his significant other needs him/her.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated because that is a good self confidence booster. Many at times it is assumed that it is in the nature of men to compliment women on their physical looks but again when one closely looks at it, men also need that self confidence booster(compliments). Noel Nxumalo who has been in a relationship for 7 years with his partner says that guys also try to look presentable when they are going to see their partners. “It`s only a few guys that like dressing up and feeling presentable and women should also appreciate the effort”, thus women should also take it upon themselves to complement their partners too.

There are some things in a relationship that people take for granted if a relationship has lasted long. Some of these things include, saying good morning, a simple text during the day will always bring a smile to your partner and it is a constant reminder that one is there on the other side. Surely a bit of “l love you” now and then will maintain the spark and make sure that the relationship flavour does not fade. One famous person once said, “lt is the little things that mean everything” and as the parties involved in these relationships are we making LOVE last longer and are we doing those little things that mean everything?


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