Former Nust Student Turns Author and Motivational Speaker

Former Nust Student Turns Author

Thula Ndlovu Speaking during a seminar

by Melusi Manabe

A former National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Student is set to release his first motivational book on the 25th of March in Bulawayo.

Thula Ndlovu, motivational speaker and online radio personality, who graduated from NUST in 2015 is set to release his Book entitled Winners code at M&M joyous conference room.

Ndlovu’s   motivational book also touches on different aspects on life serving as a life tool on entrepreneurship, self-branding and general life skills. He also added that the life he experienced after graduation, before he got employed, made him right the book and at the same time become a motivational speaker.

“My motivation to write the book, was that when I finished at Nust in 2015, being in Zimbabwe, where the unemployment rate is high in the formal sector, I asked myself if I could  get a Job, when seemingly guys with better qualifications and degree classes with me are failing” He also added that  “So I wrote this book to encourage myself and other people, that even if times are hard in Zimbabwe, we can still win and succeed in the economic environment that we are under, it’s possible to succeed”.

Ndlovu who has since found employment at the Grain Marketing Board doubles as a online radio personality for Oasis Universal Radio, based in the UK, on Wednesdays from 8pm to 9pm.

Motivational speaking is still new in Zimbabwe and most  people are not well versed  in it but however Ndlovu says that they have managed to hold to seminars since January where the attendance has been good, attracting over 60 attendance for each event.

With cooperate support and the sale of motivational books and articles they have been some economic benefits for the young Author who has set his heights high.

His advice to young people who have just finished University is that they should think “other teams “.

Adding that “Our current economic tandem requires one to be very industrious and entrepreneurial in order to make it and succeed. I always believe that in the midst of challenges opportunities are there waiting for someone to pick them up. I would also advise them to work on their life and passions”.

Thular Ndlovu is based in Bulawayo and can be contacted on his Facebook page Thula Ndlovu.


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