By Bridget Sengu


My neighbor said something a bit disturbing to me that got me wondering if Christians really knew the purpose of going to church. I asked her why her family had not gone to church that day and she said she did not have money for transport to go there and l suggested that they go to a neighboring church since we worship the same God just for that day.

She replied, “what for, it is not my church l cannot go there, it’s better l stay at home sibili”

This is one ironic thing happening around Zimbabwe where Christian deem their place of worship the only rightful, perfect place God said we should worship at. It makes other churches appear bad and ungodly which gets me thinking if really Christians still know the values of being a Christian as the bible commands. It raises questions such as have the Christians lost the sole purpose of worship?

Christian values state that we worship the same God and we are all in a mission to go to heaven when the world finally comes to an end. It state that we are a family belonging to one body but what Christian of today do is totally the opposite and a bit frightening on where the world is going.

What is satirical is that churches continue being formed in a daily bases and tend to behave the same as the already established churches. What are the founders finding wrong in the already established churches because such behavior gets us thinking that the Christians no longer worship for the sole purpose of going to heaven but tends to follow miracles and material things. The same attitude that has the founders of different churches is the same attitude the followers are adopting.

However, these different churches have almost the same set of values and these congregations are located in almost the same location and worship on the same day at the same time. They even share the same themes for the year but only in different words but there cannot seem to get along. It’s like there are at war for many believers to follow them and have since lost the sole purpose of forming these churches.

The growth of the Pentecostals is leaning around individuals and the creation of breakaway or new movements, rather than strong associations or institutional forms and l think this is very wrong. Christians should be united despite where one worship. There is no denomination better than the others and preachers should really teach about that. It just one’s choice to fellowship at ZAOGA and it does not mean it is now better than AFM or any other church. These churches should come together, be Disciples of Christ, and make the whole world come to Christ. But how can they do that when the world sees the way we treat each other. There is a statement that says charity begins at home. How can we say we love the non-Christians to an extent of preaching to them when we cannot love a fellow congregation or place of worship?

Christians we must stop looking at ourselves as better than the other, there is nothing wrong with ’AMAPOSTOLI”, in their white gowns, there are also worshipping the same God everyone does. When we realize this, the worlds will be a better place to live in and no one can question the values of Christianity or even look down on our God because we will be moving letters about his goodness.



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