Image: franco_jnr

By Clarence Dube

Francis is a young model signed under Fingers Modelling Academy. He is into fashion designing and he is a Publishing student. I had a chat with the artist who gave me an insight about the modelling industry.

Clarence: How did you get to where you are?

Francis: Perseverance and patience of course. I think it’s one of the key things in the industry being patient enough to wait for the right opportunity.

Clarence: What is important for an artist to reach their goals?

Francis: You gotta be passionate first of all and have the drive to push your craft and what you love doing… With that in mind one can reach their full potential

Clarence: What are the challenges that you face in your industry?

Francis: Probably the fact that it is not really recognised as a viable industry and really its hard to take up modelling as a career given the economic situation

Clarence: Which degree do you study at the National University of Science and Technology?

Francis: A degree in Publishing Studies

Clarence: Does it influence your art?

Francis: Hahaha Not at all

Clarence: Who’s your woman crush every day?

Francis: Ashley Everett

Clarence: Last words to other artists and the youth in general?

Francis: Love your craft

Follow this link to view our interview on Youtube


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