WOMEN IN MEDIA ADS: Why are women framed in a negative way?

By Tatenda Gapare |

There are various reasons why women are framed in a negative way and the major reason being that sex sells thus advertisers use sex in advertising to help sell their goods and services. . Most of the advertising agencies are concerned with making profit rather than following the ethics. How people feel or how they are affected by the type of advertisements they publish is not their main worry. Mazure and Musasa (2015) show that advertisers are only concerned about delivering a message and making profit.

According to www.thebalance.com/the-objectification-of-women-in-advertsing.html, advertising marketing and fashion industry have created a new type of woman that does not exist in the real world. The women in advertisements are not human, they are a creation of an industry obsessed with perfection and selling products to women that they claim will help them achieve the impossible goal they have set.

Women are framed in a negative way because sex sells and adverts are the cash cows of any company. According to www.thebalance.com/the-objectification-of-women-in-advertsing.html,  this is advertising’s main function, create a need then provide something to fill that need. For example, men drink certain brands of beer because they associate them with those impossible women and women buy certain clothes, food, makeup products in vain attempt to resemble them.

Most of the advertisers use women to sell their products. According to www.ukessays.com/negative-effects-advertising-can-have-on-women-media ,the main message of most adverts is if you want to be beautiful buy this product but the hidden messages are within the advert itself. Companies see models/women as just objects of advertising so that their products are known and they get profit from it.

According to Sheehan (2014), when people are portrayed in advertisements they are actively involved with the product or service being advertised or passively decorating the advertisement. Decorative portrayals show the people in the advertisements as passive and disengaged whereas active portrayals show the person interacting directly with the product. Many advertisements featuring beautiful women and men tend to feature them as decorations. Women are four times likely to be presented visually without a speaking role than males because women are used as sex objects which attract men.


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