How to deal with Pregnancy and Studying

By Velisiwe Ashley Mangoye

Well there are a number of housekeeping rules to consider if you are a pregnant university student. As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, immediately inform your chairperson or patron. It might not seem necessary but believe me; it’s for your own good. As discussed in the last blog, pregnancy can be so unbearable at times. It doesn’t matter whether you have to be in lectures or not, pregnancy hitches have no timetable. Now you see why you have to inform your department patrons about the bun in the oven?

Sleeping in class, missing lectures, and missing assignments deadlines are offensive to lecturers. With pregnancy, these will always cross your way and there is nothing you can do to stop them sometimes. These can make you repeat or defer, but you can avoid such simply by being open to your lecturers.

What if your due date clashes with your exams!!!!?? Ooohhh no that’s the worst that can happen to anyone, but it is very much possible. Your exams might be in your 6th month and you might think you won’t encounter any bay problems. You should know that from month 6 onwards the baby can come anytime! So either way, discuss your pregnancy with your patrons. If the due date clashes with your exams your chairperson will help you decide on whether to continue writing or defer completely and wait for the supplements, which you will definitely write as first sitting. Don’t be afraid, nothing is hard or impossible, your department is there to help you all the way of pour pregnancy.

Please, make sure you communicate in advance with your lecturer if you think you can’t meet a deadline. But also don’t make being pregnant an excuse for not being responsible. Pregnancy is not a disability hunnies! Love you all!

Oooww!! I’m now 30 weeks along and still enjoying my bump*******


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