Meet Mai T the new “Queen” of Zim Comedy

Felistas Murata aka Mai T

By Melusi Manabe

Felistas Murata popularly known as Amai Titi has taken the Zimbabwean Comedy scene by storm, within just 3 months of her first Skit (Hello Ndiyisewo paprofile pic). She has become the darling of comedy Lovers. The talented 30 year old comedian tickles fans’ funny bones with her broken English and Ndebele antics.

Her fans will identify her with viral skits such as Masibanda and her famous catch phrase “for the why”.  The Harare based Mai Titi is getting better by the day with a growing following on Facebook showing how much a star she has become in just a few months.

I recently had a sit down with the comedian, fashion designer, singer and upcoming actor to get an understanding of what the “Masibanda” entertainer is about and how she plans to expand her brand.

Melusi Manabe (MM): Hello Mai Tee Mabasa ariseyi

Mai T: Akanaka dear.

MM: How long have you been doing comedy?

Amai T: It’s not long since I started doing comedy; I started in December 2016, that’s when I did my first skit. Though I used to do some audios such as anaMwari ndiyiteyi chihuta, Mwari ndoda Murume anenge Evan Mawarire, and would just send those audios amongst people and I just thought how about I just do a small video so as to see how people would respond. So my first video was one yayinzi ndiyise pa profile pic. The response was so overwhelming and then I started doing more and more skits until I thought let me open a Facebook page to see the reaction of people.

MM: What do you think sets u apart from other comedians?

Mai T: I am different and unique in my own way. I am not copying anyone. My style is that I use broken English to attract so many people and the way I do my skits is unique.

MM: Besides online videos what other platforms do you use to spread your art?

Mai T: Besides online videos I also sell CDs to people.

MM: How do you generate your income besides comedy?

Mai T: Besides Comedy I am also a designer. I do t-shirt, dresses, bags, shoes and a whole of things I do. That’s the way I really generate income. Comedy is just to make people laugh, though now it’s taking me places because I am travelling a lot and doing collaborations with a whole lot of people like the Drama Queens. I am also venturing into more acting. I am actually working on a movie, it’s still underground but it will be out soon you will get to know more about it.

MM: Seeing that you have a huge following online with 20 000 followers, what advice would you give other comedians on capitalising on social networks?

Mai T: I am almost on 40 000 now, what I would like to advice on my fellow comedians is to work hard don’t get tired, the more u work the more it happens.

MM: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Mai T: My brand in five years I think is going to be huge because right now it is already huge. I thank God because I wasn’t expecting that and now I am like everywhere the people love me and I am grateful to my fans and relatives. I now have t-shirts written for the why, chains and necklaces. I now have my own brand.

MM: Thank you Mai T…Keep on doing great comedy.

Mai T: Thank you

Mai T’s  skits can be found on her Facebook page Mai T s Diaries.


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