Soldier on In Good & Bad Times


HardTimes-56a1473e3df78cf772691dc1By Reinhard Ncube

PEOPLE assume that life will always be rosy everyday and that God must give us pleas- ant time at all times. They assume that everything will just flow, work will be good and pay should be good. They say that because God is there difficulties should not arise and everyone should be pleasant to get on with, well if you think so too, you better start thinking again.

Difficult times will be encountered in the life of a believer; they are there to test how much we trust God.Believing in Christ is like driving along a road, you are bound to meet lay byes, potholes and humps which will make it seem impossible to complete the journey and reach the destination.
Apostle Paul was the greatest man of God of his time. He spearheaded the Christian movement, the church, after the first few years and spread its message and influence into the wider world beyond the land we today call Israel. But he was thrown into jail, suffered physical illness, and was beaten and whipped and stoned and nearly drowned after a whole day in the sea. People tried to undermine his teachings, split his congregations and portray him as evil. So looking back on his experiences, he advised his young colleagues to expect and accept hard times. “Yes” he said “there will be good times when everything will go well. But there are hard times also. When they come, it is not God punishing. It is normal. So be ready to grin it and bear it.
Life is seldom easy, simple and pleasant. Most of us have to settle for hard work and lots of it. There is seldom adequate reward. Problems we never imagined will come at us. Often they come thick and fast. We make some mistake and costly ones and often we fail to meet the goals we set ourselves. Hear the word of the great apostle “soldier on in good times and in bad”.


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