Value of Education in Zimbabwe

By Samantha Kuboni

Multitudes of students graduate in Zimbabwe every year. A number enough to have this exodus contributing in the Zimbabwean economy but alas the value of education seems to be questionable because of the lack of jobs at the end. Millions of monies are injected towards an education that does not give back after.

 Sweat proves to be not worthy for that woman by the corner who sells tomatoes so that she can afford her child the best education. This is so because 5 or 3 years down the line the child is still not employed but rather has joined their mother in vending.

In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) the spectre of mass unemployment & chronic underemployment among the  educated graduate increasingly dominates policy discussion on education and employment and the overall development prospects of the continent.

However, in Zimbabwe things seem to be getting worse and worse by the day. The relevance of the country’s education system in the face of current economic challenges has come under the spotlight with experts shocked by the difference between the quality and quantity of graduates produced from various learning institutions .

This also has to be noted in light with many Zimbabweans opting for distance learning in the hope that it will lead to their employment in those countries. People are now opting for universities in South Africa, Malysia, Cyprus despite the huge sums of fees that the institutions charge.

The President has on many occasions called for all our foreign graduates to come home and contribute to the building of our economy and resuscitating our country’s fortunes. However, with the deepening economic situation life as a graduate in Zimbabwe is no longer fun but rather depressing if not saddening. For those in the diaspora to leave their jobs and come back, there is a need to strengthen the economic situation and also create jobs first. Otherwise the value of education is slowly  depreciating….


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