by Linkestang Moyo #INTERNETTHINGS

“During the mechanical ages we had extended our bodies in space. Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned” – McLuhan, 1964


Those are the words of the most influential individuals as far as technology is concerned. I know it sounds like boring stuff to some of you, but well it is not really ‘fucked up.’ Come on guys any normal human being using  new media technologies should be aware of Marshal McLuhan who ‘prophesied’ how new media technologies were going to  impact our daily lives. It would really be an insult to the technological world to ignore such people.

Well, let me begin by saying Marshal McLuhan  is credited with catchy phrases used to describe new media technologies like ‘global village’ among others. It is as if he foresaw the future of the present generation and how technology would impact on us.  Believe you me, we indeed live in a global village and new information technologies have become ‘extensions of ourselves.’ The Internet has extended our eyes and ears as we become aware of what is happening around the world. Hot media has overtaken cold media hence new media technologies are hot media.

With McLuhan laying the foundation to new media technologies, there has also been various individuals who have also come about with what I can term the new media technological terms used today. You will realise that most of these new media terms were not used a decade ago.






Technology is constantly changing and so are the words the technological industry uses to explain it. Trying to keep up with the latest tech jargon can be tough. I will therefore give you some of these interesting words that people use nowadays.

Belfie stick-: Selfie stick that helps you takes pictures of your “behind”. And can you even imagine, the belfie stick was introduced in the U.S in 2014 but hasn’t reached countries like Zimbabwe yet. We are so way behind, digital divide is for real not imaginary.

Blogosphere-: The realm of Internet blogs and the people who read or write them. Some have even argued that it is used by those who want to convince themselves that they are some sort of “internet professionals”, but instead come off as sounding completely ridiculous. I just hope am not also being ridiculous right now.

Netjack-: Stealing copyrighted material from the Internet. You would agree with me that most of us are good at neckjacking assignments from the Internet.

Blogophobia-: Fear of blogs and blogging. I will just give you a short example: Velisiwe’s blogophobia was a kind of online stage fright: what if someone actually READ what she had to say?

Cyberloafing-: the act of employees using their organization’s Internet access for personal purposes during work hours. The norm for the 21st century employees. For example- surfing the web for entertainment, sending/receiving personal emails, online chatting, online stock trading, shopping online, etc. during work hours is considered cyberloafing. I can also vouch that all those who have been on attachment have been victims of cyberloafing.

Twitthore-: One who abuses the social media site known as twitter to gain a following from a large amount of people. One who finds a necessity to share the smallest experience on twitter in order to make a joke, gain acceptance, or receive more followers.

Netjavu-: Netjavu is the feeling that occurs when you read an article in a magazine or newspaper and you are sure you have read it before, only to realize that you had previously seen the same information on the Internet.

InternetComa-: When you are sitting on your couch, feet up on the coffee table, laptop on your lap. 4-10 hours later you are in an entirely prone position with your legs off the edge of the coffee table and your head on the seat cushion. You become completely unresponsive to your surroundings.

For example, when someone says-‘I got online this morning to check my email and mess around on face book for a bit. Next thing I know it’s 7pm, my legs are totally numb, and I have this nasty trail of dried drool down my chin. That internet coma completely ruined my day!’

Net it-: Put on the Internet. To ‘net something is to post text or upload media onto the Internet.

‘That’s hilarious. You’ve gotta ‘net it.

Online Death Stare-: When two people who like each other both online, both want to talk to each other, but both too scared to IM each other, thus resulting in a race to see who will swallow their pride first. Ha ha ha that is typical of teenagers nowadays.

Webification-: The act of the process change to take information and convert it into viewable material on the internet, html, java, flash.

No doubt the next time you hear someone talking about these terms; you will be in a position to know what they are talking about. There is no room for laggards in this technological century. You have got to ‘net it.’







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