Who are the true Christians?

By Reinhard Ncube

Of all religions, Christianity is one the most dived religion; divided into sects, denominations and cults. The main sects includes Catholicism, Adventist, Pentecostalism, Zionism, African Apostolic churches and other denominations such as the Watchtower and the latter day saints. All of these sects and denominations have different claims and approaches to Christianity, though most of these subscribe to the same bible.

There has been an ongoing war between these congregants from these different sects and denominations, Catholics claiming to be the ones on the right and true way of Christ and to be the true church with the biblical roots, at the same time seventh day Adventist, Pentecostals, Zionist and African apostolic claim to be the ones connected to the true God of heaven.

According to Meluleki Dube, a former member of the latter day saints congregant, ‘Latter Day saints believe in the bible just like any other churches, but like the catholic church which believes in apocrypha, they believe in the book of Mormon, a bible of theirs with extra books which protestants refute as part of the bible.

Hlalisanani Ncube a staunch seventh day Adventist believes that all other churches, particularly Sunday churches that include Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals are churches of Satan, and all its members cannot see heaven unless they repent and observe Saturday as the only sacred and holy day (the true biblical Sabbath).

A pastor from a mega Pentecostal church in Bulawayo said; the problem with some leaders/ church and denomination founders is that they went to extremes or they just neglected some fundamental biblical truths, hence they made their churches cults, building their churches on men’s doctrines. He stated that heaven is open for everyone who obey the word of God and has repented from their sinful ways.

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