Niggas and Nigresses in the zone!!!

So Vader has produced a guide that tells you weather or not you can handle the “niggerdom”– the niggas and nigresses style of living. This is what he advises his fellow niggas and nigresses in the zone:

  • Bounce as much as you can, bobble your head up & down and back & forth, and hold your crotch when you walk. Don’t forget to lick your lips as much as possible
  • Wear the largest clothes you can find. Wear you cap backwards or sideways. Wear a bandana underneath the cap if possible.
  • Make the most annoying sounds when you laugh. Example: “KSSS SSSS SSSS SSSS!!” Scream out loud when beginning your laugh, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH, KSSSS SSSS SSSSS SSSS!!”
  • Use “muthafucka” a lot when speaking, end everything with “knowwhumsain?”. In certain instances, you may end sentences with “…n’ shit”. Knowwhumsain?
  • Rappers should always remind people of how many times they’ve been shot and lived to tell about it (like we didn’t notice them on our TV screens). This way, everyone will respect you even more. Remind everyone that rap music is “the only way out” of the ‘hood and crime, as if you weren’t still stealing cars, money, or drugs.
  • Mispronounce words. Example: worse=(more) worser, worst=worsest, Buick=Byrrick (stress the “r”).
  • When in agreement with someone, a negress should respond “oooooooooohh, chile, ain’ dat da troof!” or “mmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmmm! Ah’m sayin’!”
  • When the male negro is in agreement with someone, he should reply “true dat, mah nigga” or “right on, bruh”.
  • At black funerals, negresses will lose all control and fall all over everyone, and scream at the top of their lungs, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH LAWD TAKEMETAKEMETAKEME LAWD PLEEEEEZE TAKE ME OOOOOOOOOHHH LAWD JEEEEZUS TAKE ME!!!!!”
  • Niggers should covet the thug lifestyle. Act, look, and talk like a thug.
  • AND MANY MORE…visit this website for more



It really cant be easy being a nigga though they look so cool…




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