Should relationships between students and lectures be forbidden?


 Intimate relationship between students and lecturers should be prohibited. Although one does not choose who he/she falls in love with and there have been few faculty members that happily married students. It must be said that in most cases these relationships are a happily Never After. Therefore, relationship between lectures should never be allowed. To add on, people believe that when one is at university he/she is mature enough to do whatever he/she likes. However, such relationships are deadly if they do not work out and most of the time it is the students that suffer. Student and teacher relationship should be allowed only at academic level.

Students in a relationship with a lecturer want good grades, they want to cross the academic bridge easily by not getting a carry, students do not want to write supplementary exams and also, for students that live off campus they want money to sustain themselves. When a student is getting academic favours and money, the lecture also becomes a blesser  in return the lecturer will have sexual intercourse with the student. Such is not a relationship but a business transaction. According to Newsday,  students have reportedly said that it is hard to pass an exam without bribing a lecturer. This bribe goes in two form, either money for male students and sex for female students.

 However, that is basically academic theft therefore such relationships should never be allowed. Some have described this relationship as a David and Goliath relationship where one has power over the other. when such relationships turn sower, it is the student that suffers because the risk to all parties can be very high.  Most of these students fail to graduate and they end up defying their studies, commit suicide, at times they blackmail their lecturers threatening them of telling their wives and ruining their marriage.

 Linda Moyo, a commerce student at the National University of Science and Technology is of the view that having a relationship with a lecturer when you are a student, you are digging your own grave and one should be prepared to lie in it. “When you are a student and you release that a lecturer is into you, you have to tell him that you not interested but if he persists, look for the right procedures or go to the dean of student and report your case or avoid being in contact with the lecturer”.

According to K. Phiri a lecturer at Lupane State University “You realise that when things are not going accordingly in that relationship, it’s the student that suffers academically because a lecturer has power over the student and her future is literally in his hands. Because of that, the student is forced lie and make a complaint of sexual harassment. With that being said, the risk of the faculty members and universities are high. Therefore, there should be laws that protect student and those that protect lecturers as well because when these people are seeing each other it’s an agreement, no one was forced into it. My advice to students is that never attempt perhaps think of having a relationship with a lecturer at the end of the day you will suffer. Student should aim for their goals and graduate and move on’’.

There are few factors in play that make the lecturer- student relationship. It must be said that most university view student as adults who can make wise decision forgetting that these same students just came out of high school and they are still immature. Another factor that contribute to lecturer-student relationship is the fact that most lecturers want to operate on their first -name basis in a relatively informal social structure. This should never be accepted because it lows the status of a lecturer bringing them down to the level of the student.

A lecturer and student relationship will allow both parties to lose respect in the society, a student might be rejected by some of her classmate and the community whilst for a lecturer his reputation may be ruined.

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