What to wear during pregnancy

By Velisiwe Ashley Mangoye

What to wear during pregnancy?? Well no one has to tell you what you should and should not wear during pregnancy. It’s all up to you!! My take is that you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. Mind you, in whatever you wear….make sure you do not feel pain in the bump. Drop anything that makes you feel bump pains. I wear everything that I used to wear before pregnancy from leggings to shorts.

Of course there are some cultural and moral issues behind dressing. In some cultures, pregnant women are expected to wear decent maternity dresses that cover their knees. It depends on what cultural values and morals you conform to; use those to guide your dressing. Nowadays most pregnant women wear leggings and dress tops. I love this dress code too!! The leggings can be uncomfortable sometimes. I like the high waist leggings. These make me comfortable. I make sure that the waist elastic doesn’t cut into my bump. Instead I secure it right below my chest. Although pregnant, you can still enjoy wearing your denims. But the low cuts now hurt me so much high waist denims will probably do.

Short umbrella dresses are so cute on pregnant women. I recommend you try them. If you are a university student like me, you might find yourself worrying too much about your dressing. You might feel like maternity dresses make you look so elderly which is not a good thing. So I say don’t be forced to wear something that you think or know will make you feel out of place among your peers. Dress to feel good and comfortable at the same time. But make sure you don’t wear your best tops and leggings that you intend to continue wearing after delivery. You might need to go shop for the pregnancy so you save your clothes. I recommend you go buy dress tops, leggings, and dresses from ‘Khothama Boutique” at very cheap prices. Or you would rather spend fortunes on clothing you will only wear for 5 months?

I’m now 31weeks along and facing some challenges kkkkkkkk…..will share with you next week*****


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