By Clarence Dube

Petra is a young fashion blogger, model and fashion designer. She is a confident, innovative and bubbly person. I had a chat with her to find out more about her life and how she got into the creative industry.

Clarence: How did you get to where you are?

Petra:  God, hard work, and I have a strong support system of family and friends.

Clarence: What is important for an artist to reach their goals?

Petra: Hard work, being consistent and a strong self belief

Clarence: How do you infuse technology into your trade?

Petra: I rely on new technology because I do most of my business via social media and my website, from marketing and advertising to communicating.

Clarence: What has been your biggest project thus far?

Petra: The launch of my sassy girl collection this February.

Clarence: Which degree do you study at the National University of Science and Technology?

Petra: Honours in library and information science.

Clarence: Does it influence your craft?

Petra: Yes it influences how I write hence the blog and it also taught me the power of information and the different Medias I can use.

Clarence: Who’s your woman crush every day?

Petra: Pokello Nare!!!

Clarence: Man Crush Everyday?

Petra: Bae…..

Tainment: Last words to other artists and the youth in general?

Petra: Be unapologetic own your style and chase your passion, life is too short to live a boring life!!!


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