The thin line between marriage and religion

By Bridget Sengu

Marriages are not about the love two people have for each other but they are also about the beliefs they bring into the new life they are creating.

These beliefs are within these two people who have decided to get married. Religion shapes most of these beliefs. If these two people goes to different churches or are of different religious background, then there beliefs are likely to be completely different.

The couple as they raise their children will have to decide and agree on…..will the children belong to either religion or only one? And which one will they belong to? What values will be passed onto the children?

Mixed faith marriages are successful, but only when at least one or both parties are willing to compromise their beliefs or to even convert to the faith of their partners.

However, when the two are very religious and unwilling to compromise their faith or traditions their marriages is likely to fail.

It is important that when people coming from different religious background are about to get married, they must sit down and seriously discuss about their beliefs so as to curb future misunderstandings.


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