Why our Football?

by Sindiso Nyathi

There is blurred line between the genius behind positive development and sanity in football administration success, the only determining metric is success. When the idea of FIFA club licensing was brought to life in our local football milieu it seemed a noble idea coming from geniuses. However, the execution has brought about mixed feelings on its validity. Are we really going the right direction? Many would ask!

As the 2017 premier league season starts in a few days to come, some football clubs find themselves homeless as their respective home grounds are deemed ‘unfit’. Some football arenas including one of the biggest in the country, Barbourfields Stadium, went under inspection and were red-lined. With a few days left to kickoff how on earth will local authorities finish the required task? Anywhere, why do it now? One may find themselves with more questions than answers.

The pressing issue is: with the harsh economic conditions in the country is it really a good move to venture in this? Football clubs do not have a financial backing that is directed to the infrastructure that they use. It is to everyone’s “need to know” what happens to the monies that local authorities cash-in after every football event? What happens to the money that clubs are charged for pitch invasion and violence in football and all the other fines on clubs?

Dr. Phillip Chiyangwa

The ZIFA president, Dr. Phillip Chiyangwa, who has recently made an impact in the international football circles has set the ground running with strict club licensing measures set on each and every of the 18 premier soccer league clubs. The ZIFA boss recently enforced that every ZIFA affiliate abides to the FIFA club licensing requirements like the qualifications in the top league coaches, full-time club administrative personnel (with media officers), and the infrastructure. Some clubs have made an effort to meet these ‘expectations’ and we hope for the best!



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