Some common natural pregnancy challenges

By Velisiwe Ashley Mangoye

Well last week we talked about what to wear during pregnancy and I promised to share the challenges I have faced so far. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my pregnancy hasn’t plagued me with sicknesses so far. I can proudly say it is a very happy and healthy pregnancy. So health-wise I don’t have any serious challenges to share.

The first and most annoying challenge is securing a gynae. Some of us have never had serious problems that require a gynae before so I had to start the search from square one. My general practitioner, DR Gwini, helped me find one. He is very good, does not make you waste money on scans unnecessarily and he takes most medical aids. He is young and not so very popular. I liked that so much because it made feel secure and comfortable to know that he would give me all the attention I need as he wasn’t soo overwhelmed. You might want to be under a popular gynae but believe me, popularity means nothing. You can get a famous gynae who is always busy and away most of the times. I believe in having a very personal and close relationship with your gynae. If he is not friendly and treats you like a customer, drop him immediately my love. Yes you are a customer but this relationship should be more than commercial if you both really want the best for the baby.

Yesterday I received a message from my gynae’ office. He is going away for three months and I might be transferred to someone new today. I am so sad. After the message, I panicked and eventually started surfing the net for a new gynae. I called this prominent gynaecologist and obstetrician who even have an influential post at Mpilo Hospital. He told me to go to his surgery if I am really serious and not communicate with him over the phone like he runs a shop. I was really pissed off. Who in this age of technology does that? What is so wrong with asking him how much he charges for delivery over the phone? Maybe I’m being paranoid but this was sooo wrong. What’s the point of going all the way to his office just to ask for the charges? I want a gynae who is friendly and caring.

Enough about my bitterness. The other challenge is finding a place for delivery. Up to now I don’t know where I will deliver. I am scared of hospitals but they are cheap. Private maternity clinics are expensive but I prefer them. By next month I should have secured a delivery place. This needs to be done fast because some places need prior booking and might be full during your time of delivery. So be careful. Basically, there are only two challenges that I have faced and that you should anticipate.

Let me get ready for my appointment…….I hope I will be transferred to a good gynae. I’m now 32 weeks along!!!!


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