Dear Artists

Image: Twitter


By Clarence Dube

What should artists do to become more visible in the Zimbabwean creative Scene?

Rebel Queen: Artists should launch their own festivals and make them popular. They should not wait on South Africans to have big festivals in Zimbabwe so that they can be opening acts. Artists should be more innovative and utilise the available media platforms to put their names out there.

Khossy: Artists should localise their products and shy away from Americanising their products. They also need to use local languages more and make speaking in local languages be the cool thing.

Swerve: They should keep producing stuff and putting it out there till people notice it and buy into that particular product.

What would make you buy stuff (music, clothes, attend fashion shows) from artists in Zimbabwe?

Rebel Queen: I would surely buy authentic Zimbabwean products that do not reek of western elements. Local artist should utilise their Zimbabwean culture and utilise it to create cultural artefacts that are relevant to locals.

Khossy: I would buy their products if they are of good quality and if they market them properly and associate them with coolness.

Swerve: Quality and creativity.

What is lacking in the Zimbabwean creative industry that is there in other countries?

Rebel Queen: I think there is lack of originality in the stuff that they produce.

Khossy: support from locals, people support international artists more than their own. Support starts from even a simple share or like on Facebook but people in Zimbabwe don’t root for each other like that.

Swerve: I think we have not yet discovered a Zimbabwean standard in terms of creative arts, everyone is just trying out different things.

Any other words of advice to upcoming artists out there?

Rebel Queen: Be you and stick to your way of doing things because being different is what makes an artist unique.

Khossy: They should try getting mentors, sponsorships and associate themselves with big brands like Big Brother that can actually put money into their products.

Swerve: Make noise till you are noticed.


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