Is God against Sex

By Reinhard Ncube

romantic pic

……a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. Genesis 2vs 24.

The man and his wife were both naked and they both felt no shame (Genesis 2vs 25)

For most Christians it is a taboo to engage God and sex at the same time in discussions.

It is quiet strange how Christians feel embarrassed talking about sex yet day in day out pastors join  children in holy matrimony. If Christian parents and the church as a whole do not equip children with important knowledge about what God says about sex where then do they expect them to get that information.

In some instances when youths and teenagers brought up in strong Christian backgrounds fall prey to the flesh and bodily desires and engage in premarital sex; the church and the parents who are church fanatics are to blame to some extent.  Shying away from teaching children about sex is not the gateway to heaven. Parents should be open to their children in discussing sex issues to protect them and guide them every step of the way. This will help the younger ones follow, observe, appreciate and honor God’s teaching about sex not hearsay from their age mates.

Church leaders have often failed to appreciate God’s gift of sexuality. There is that fear of being judged for being way ward if one discusses and explains sex subjects at church. This has negative implication on children because usually children born in Christian families are subjected to a watchful eye from society and their peers at school and society. Society expects them to behave divinely, it does not live room for mistakes. For this reason these children are under pressure not to make any slightest mistake whereas their parents and church institutions fail them by avoiding teaching about sex.

Church institutions have a duty to protect these children so that they do not engage in premarital sex because of curiosity through equipping them with knowledge from the jars of the word of God. By teaching them not to engage in sex before marriage the children get to understand that sex is a special gift from God, blessed and meant to be practiced within the marriage institution.


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