TECHNOLOGY has any of it come from Africa?


Those of you that know, know I am a believer in Africa in our potential to compete with the world in all sectors regardless of the fact that we are starting miles from behind.

Today is a day to get proud as we have to celebrate the development from here, am talking about mobile banking. Yes you are hearing me right we own that here. Not only did we start that, but our system is the most developed and penetrative (no pun intended).


In the beautiful and actually one of my favorite cities in the world, Nairobi is where it took off. M-pessa as it came to be called is the first and still currently the biggest mobile money service in the world. Simply but not so immaculately named since the word literally means money in KiSwahili the company quickly grew. It is the brain child that brought us Ecocash, Telecash and all those in-between that we so religiously use.

The planned was hatched in this African nest and today we are enjoying receiving and sending (note I started with receiving because I know we all like the former) money to our keen in the bustling cities of Africa and Europe to the most remote parts of our world. A few years back it made inroads into London and now the rest of Europe and its doing magic as one the world’s most sensational products.

I know some may be saying we merely invented an app but it is way more than that. This is the world we live in right now technology drives growth and if we don’t swim we’ll drown, applications are the thing and we have to focus on them. It is a necessary step to us being powerhouses, we may not have made the phones but at least we adopting and making sub ventures that benefit us and the world soon we will soar.

Until the next one continue dreaming and slaying the technology world, because we going nowhere but up.






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