Honest farting


Photo credit: babypedia

By Confidence Matiyenga

Periods, periods, periods!!!!! It’s a girls culture right? We know periods are completely normal and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. I mean we go through this every month and just because periods are normal it doesn’t mean they aren’t disgusting.  There are some absolutely horrible things that happen to us when we’re on our periods. So last week me and my friends we had a get-together and somehow we ended talking about monthly periods. I had to share with you because sometimes we find it embarrassing to talk about weird things that happen to us during periods. Am so thankful that my friend talked about farting and yes I mean period farting. This is the strangest discussion that you can ever make and to be honest, we laughed the matter off but when I got home I had to research on what causes period farting and available solutions.

So what are the causes of farting

The most important cause for too much gas on periods is the hormonal inconsistency and imbalance caused by increased hormonal disturbances in the female anatomy. Excessive levels of hormones lead to problems like pain, uterine cramping and muscular contractions in the stomach. This could be the most painful experience of the cycle and can also stretch up to the beginning of the period. In rare cases, some women experience the same problems during the menstrual cycle and a day or two after it has ended depending upon the hormonal changes. The flatulence also causes loss in appetite, constipation and bloating.

Once the menstruation begins, the chemical ‘prostaglandin’ is released. These are important hormones as they make the uterus contract from the uterine lining during menstruation. However, if in excess, they can cause several problems such as digestive disorders which include gas, bloating and cramping. It can also cause diarrhoea and acidity as it not only increases the contraction but also the smoothening of the digestive muscular tract.

Some of the possible solutions

  1. Altering the diet

Changing the diet is the first and the most important step. For a few days, you can stick to foods rich in fibre such as rice, cereals, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Having lesser dairy products, caffeine products and processed food should be cut down completely. You should also avoid food that contains too much salt and sugar or spices. Water intake should also increase to keep the system clean and flush out the toxins.

  1. Exercise

To avoid digestive problems in menstruation it is important to exercise. Apart from the hormonal imbalance, stress is another cause which increases stomach problems during periods. Aerobics, yoga and meditation are some of the great choices you can adopt. A little bit of change in the diet and some exercise can do wonders to your health during menstruation and there continuing it is even better! Both these changes would be a gift to your digestive system function.

  1. Flush it out with water

You can easily deal with the gassiness with increasing your water intake and limiting alcohol and caffeine or sweetened drinks. Water is excellent for facilitating the bowel movements. You can start your day by having a big glass of lukewarm water with some lemon juice and honey. This will not only help with the gas problems but also bloating and constipation. It also helps to boost the metabolism. Coconut water is another excellent choice.



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