By Sibonokuhle P Mpofu

Once upon a time I weighed more than 90kgs. I didn’t notice the change. My jean size went up two sizes and I still felt good about myself. I ate almost everything and anything that I wanted. I didn’t do any form of exercises; all I did was eat, drink, sleep a little and watch tv, doing pretty much of nothing. I didn’t care much about anything all I cared about was sleep not noticing that kilos were piling up. So, today’s topic is on the conditions that makes you gain weight without noticing.

Sleeping disordersomg

Sleep deprivation from any cause can contribute to weight gain,” says Dr Lisa Neff, an endocrinologist at the Centre for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. Lack of sleep interferes with hormones that signal hunger and fullness, so people who don’t snooze enough are more apt to overeat. Plus, a recent study found people who sleep less find eating more enjoyable—which means you’re more likely to binge on guilty pleasures. Of course, your activity level also tends to dip when you’re tired, so you probably won’t burn off those extra kilojoules, either.  Taking from these findings, this is how I spent my nights eating and watching television. I only slept for 3 hours or less as l will be catching up on my favorite series.


People who suffer from depression often gain weight for a few different reasons. “Some people find themselves eating emotionally,” I always find comfort in food. Eating comforts me at times. I felt food didn’t judge or neglect me that’s why I ate. Eating emotionally greatly contributed to my weight gain.

 These conditions greatly contributed to my weight gain. I have since lost more than 10 kgs not through exercising but just watching what goes in and out of my mouth. I really try to get enough sleep these days but it has been difficult because of my studies.

Besides the above mentioned conditions; menopause, cushing syndrome, and pain disorders also contribute to weight gain.



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