Farewell Undertaker

photo credit :www.wwe.com

by Melusi Manabe

This week I decided to shift away from the local scene and honour my Icon and Legend, Undertaker, the greatest Entertainment Wrestler in the world, because not only did he shape that industry but also he gave me a lot of childhood television memories that I will forever cherish. #FAREWELLUNDERTAKER
Undertaker finally called it a day on the 2nd of April after a career stretching almost three decades at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and my gosh it was emotional. Not only was the event appropriate but it also sealed his immortality as far as wrestling is concerned.
In a symbolic gesture after losing his final match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 at CW Stadium in Orlando the Undertaker, real name Mark Callaway, took off his wrestling gear and left it in the middle of the ring to show that this was his last. Watching that moment and his last walk down the ramp almost brought tears to my eyes (no judgements).

photo credit: http://www.wwe.com


Ironically WrestleMania is the event that made him an icon with him only losing twice out of the 23 matches he had at the annual event since his debut there at WrestleMania VII 1991. His win stretched 21-0 till his infamous shocking defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.
My Undertaker memories stretch back to when I was just over 6 or 7 years old when ZTV would screen World Wrestling Federation (WWF now WWE) matches and I would watch those with my friends and family, after being forced to bath of cause. Even though our TV was in Black and White, Undertaker was not less scary, but still I loved his tombstone and DDT moves which we would later on practice even though the show clearly stated “do not try this at home”. Of cause this led to one of my most memorable thrashings by my brother when I pulled a DDT on my cousin in a make believe match where I was of cause yours truly THE UNDERTAKER.
One outstanding moment I have of his career is when my mother would be scared of his monstrous character opting for the friendly looking ones like Lex Luger and most recently Dean Ambrose. For me he will always be part of my childhood and how television shaped my love for journalism and entertainment .Undertaker for me means family moments shared with a bowl of popcorn, laughter and naughtiness on my side lol.
Whether one is a wrestling fan or not the Undertaker name resonates to every generation aware of the wrestling entertainment sport. He is and will always be the greatest #FAREWELLUNDERTAKER you shaped my career prospects and I shall forever have respect for you.

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