The last thing a person needs to know is that he is being used in a relationship. As cruel, selfish and immature as it may be and seem, the truth is that there are people out there who will use others to fulfil their own selfish needs, whether it is for sexual purposes, money, free dates, temporary companionship  It is very common for some to choose the path of denial when they see the red flags that they are being used because they do not want to believe that the person they like is using them nor do they want to believe that they could fall victim to such a thing.

Denying the truth is helping no one, especially you.  If you suspect you are being used for anything, you should become more alert and observant of the relationship you really have with this person and collect the facts so that if you are being used, you can put an end to it as soon as possible. Here are some tips to show that your significant other is using you. If the person you are seeing makes a lot of excuses for not seeing you an example is when they say they are busy, already have plans, something came up.

 Another tip is that when you always going out for dates. This is all fine and good, but if after a while you find yourself still in the dating stage, only seeing this person when you go out to treat him or her to dinner, movies then it is possible that you are being used for free dinners, movies and other treats. When a real relationship is building, the two of you will want to see more and more of each other, outside the dating scene. You will want to hang out at each other’s homes and have intimate experiences (both physically and emotionally), meet each other’s friends and/or family and eventually agree that you are in an official relationship. If you cannot get this person to get officially involved with you, but he or she does not mind you to keep taking him or her out on dates here and there it means he is using you.

To add on, another red flag is when you invest large amounts of money in a person when it primarily serves their interests, said Sibongile. “One of my friends knows a woman who got her “boyfriend” to buy her a Car on Valentine’s day. I’m sure you can guess what happened next, she broke up with him”. When you love someone, you care when they get the ‘flu, when their parents are ailing, or when they lose a job. Users don’t display compassion or help you with your problem. In fact, they will actively avoid you if you are in the midst of struggles, and for them this might, in fact, be the big cue for them to exit because they just don’t care.

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Tittle : Signs you being used in a relationship.


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