‘When the prey rules’

By Leeandah

21st Century has witnessed a lot of women empowering themselves, being self-dependant. This has given rise to a number of women who are single by choice rather than by default. Just like men women now have a say in their own lives, do what they want without be questioned because they are the ‘miss independent’ of this modern world.

In the past, for a woman to ask a man out on a date was taboo but with the way women have become independent they can now ask a man for a date and pay the bills at the same time. Years back, most single mothers were seen as a disgrace, people with loose morals or one would have been left by the ‘baby daddy’ but nowadays being a single mother is by choice rather than default.

Women can now choose to be a single mother with whomever they want to without necessarily having to visit a sperm bank. In our underdeveloped world like Zimbabwe, sperm banks are not available like in the developed countries like Britain. Even if there would be one, they are too expensive. Women in underdeveloped countries have resorted to approaching man they want to have a baby with by looking at the genes especially.

There are many instances were by man have been approached by women asking them to have a baby with them but then the cases are not reported on. These kinds of women just want a ‘no strings attached’ kind of relationship and they are their own bosses they don’t need any financial help once the baby is born. In some cases, women do not tell the man what their agenda is because they are scared that the man will not agree to such in fear of responsibility.

Some women get pregnant and after that they make sure the affair with the person ends before the guy realises that she is pregnant. This is so because they do not want shared custody and most men would want to marry the women for she is pregnant but marriage is the last thing on the woman’s mind.

Most women who are into this kind of relationship are commonly middle aged women. In most cases they approach young men, younger than them. These young men are commonly known as ‘BEN 10’. They are a target because most of them are not financially stable and this woman who has an agenda is financially stable and will provide for the young men. In such a relationship where money lured one into the relationship, the young man is exploited and dominated.

The man is now silent, they are tossed around by the woman and still has no say. Its is believed that a man has a say in a relationship but in this kind of a relationship he doesn’t. Decades ago, man would would just impregnant a woman and leave them like that and let th woman suffer on her own. As tables have turned, these young men are denied custody of the baby or even told its not theirs when it is his baby. The child when born bears the last name of the mother and the man does not have anything of his to tag the baby with.

Women now prey on men at last!!!!


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