Technological Dependence

“In the age of technological advancements, people are becoming more disconnected. Ak Akkawi reports on society’s increasing dependence on technology.” -Aisha Akkaoui


“The more plugged in we are to technology, the more disconnected we have become. Unplugged from reality, we are detached us from moments that pass us by,” says Aisha Akkaoui, a social worker. Ms Akkaoui says young children have been conditioned to capture moments with technology, instead of experiencing the real moment itself. This social interactivity sees the loss of individuality, which almost no longer exits. Because of social networking sites such as Facebook, no moment is private and everything is shared. Moments need to be collectively validated in order for them to hold some credence. Everything has become battery operated. Parents are no longer stepping in mud with children or climbing trees with them. Not only does this help with their development but it also makes them appreciate things more.



Adults become stuck in the cycle of life and stress. There is no time to appreciate a moment and have lost touch with reality. Plugging in, adults resort to technology for interaction. There is a creating of a new reality whereby the self does not play a part, but isolation does. Everyone has their iPhones out, checking their latest Facebook and Twitter updates. Because busking is face-to-face and everything is happening live, there is no hiding behind technology. Technology dependence has a number of potentially damaging effects. As people grow older, through the use of technology, an ‘idea of reality’ is formed, whereby we lose contact with reality itself. Reality isn’t an idea; it’s reality.


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