By Kenneth Moyo

A growing number of Schools Arts, Sports and science festivals (SASSAF) are now taking place across schools in Zimbabwe. The SASAF are intended to be a platform for pupils to show their talents in sports, arts and in academic. Mabhukudwana primary school held their five-day SASSF program which ended on the 31 of March.


During the festival, pupils from grade 0-7 participated in science displays. The main purpose of science displays is to empower participants with practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as experience to become  science show creators and performers.

Participants worked in groups to carry out experiments and they presented their experiments in front of parents, teachers and other fellow students.

SASSF is in the framework of the new curriculum. According to Primary and Secondary Education Mminister Lazarus Dokora, the new curriculum will open up opportunities for Zimbabweans to be skillful and not just be mere academics. Dokora also said it was good for people to be academic, skills and other dimensions fulfilled in the updated curriculum would also make learning easy for pupils.

SASSAF displays are not competitive programs,” said Mr Bango, Mabhukudwana headmaster. “They are activities carried out by students to show parents, teachers and other fellow students what they have been learning or just to show their talents.”

The new curriculum is work in progress thing said the Mr Bango. Pupils are continuously accessed and SASSAF is one way to assess pupils under the new curriculum.


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