The churches have lost their role in marriages

By Pelagia Bhebhe


The churches are one of the respected institutions in society, with most people having high expectations from congregants as the assumption is that they uphold high moral standards. Having said this, the church has a role to play in marriages as it applauds marriages and discredit cohabiting which has become a norm in the 21st century. Cohabiting has become popular as a result of high divorce rates, therefore the youths prefer a no strings attached kind of relationship.

With high rates of divorce the churches should be coming up with measures to curb this problem. However, the church leaders seem to be heightening the problem by marrying couples not because of love, but because they want to show off. Some Pentecostal church leaders are said to compete on the number of people they marry per year.

With this being the case surely the divorce rates will sky rocket because some of the people who are married off are immature and cannot withstand the challenges associated with marriage.

Although the president urged couples who are thinking of getting a divorce to seek assistance from the church, extended families and elderly people who deal with such issues.

However, it is almost impossible as the teachings from the church clash with those of traditionalist or other elderly people who attend different churches.

This is evidenced by what mai Angela Matambo said while speaking to new Zimbabwe dot com that when the leaders of family try to speak to their children about the values of marriages they are told that “papa” did not say that.

This clearly indicates that congregants value the perceptions of their spiritual fathers than those of biological parents as they tend to make reference to what is being preached at church.

With this regard churches have a hand in the increase of divorce in Zimbabwe.


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