Referees killing our football!

By Sindiso Nyathi

I don’t need to be a qualified sport analyst or a rocket scientist for me to note that Zimbabwean football referees are just failures!

Over the years we have cried foul of violence and hooliganism in our football matches and fingers have been pointed to different football stakeholders as it has been blame after blame. The question often asked is what really stimulates such unruly behavior and match officials are the leading culprits. Football fans don’t throw missiles for fun rather the attachment one has to their beloved team is so big they can’t hold it back.

So many people have argued that the reason why there is hooliganism and violence in our football is that fans attend football matches drunk. However, i beg to differ in some areas in the world alcohol is sold in stadiums and this is a good way for the home teams to make money only because alcohol sells regardless of where you are or the time of the day. Surely we need to move with times lets allow development in our sport takes its course. The premier league is sponsored by castle, for other stakeholders to say drunkenness is the cause to crowd problems we face in the stadia is a slap in the face of the sponsors.

There is need for everyone who is involved in the beautiful game play their part in coming up with lasting solutions to these problems. There is need for the referees committee to ensure that they deploy “match-fit” officials. The referees refresher course isn’t enough to determine referees ability to handle matches day in day out. If a referee makes a bad call let the public know what punishment was laid against them.


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