behind the camera

The camera has become the extension of our eyes and imagination. Human beings can now see and relate to what is happening in many countries around the world. Well I am not talking about anything new. Even the mobile phones that we possess have got cameras that we use to take selfies. The camera sees everything in front of it hence the power of technology. Behind the camera are untold stories of our life experiences. Well my story begins like this……….

It is just the beginning of summer in the small village of Seoul, South Korea where Leah (40), the wife to Junpyo (45) is sitting on the verandah of their house. You can see through her eyes that her mind is wandering far away. A sense of guilt and pain is sweeping through her mind as she still regrets what she had done. She was clasping her hands together as if in prayer, praying that baby Park Haien would understand she had no choice as those were desperate times.

Though some of the events that happened are still blur to her, she has not forgotten how her bundle of joy turned into a nightmare. As she is sitting there by the verandah, she recalls how jovial she felt when she got pregnant with her first born baby at the age of 40, at a time when she was pessimistic that she would ever have a child of her own. Three weeks after the baby was born, Junpyo had suggested that they visit China to celebrate the birth of their baby Park Haien.

They had not travelled more than 100m when their car just stopped in the middle of the road and suddenly the baby started crying. Smoke could be seen coming out of the engine and the car started producing sounds of a screeching tyre. Junpyo got out of the car to check what had gone wrong and was surprised that the smoke that was coming from the engine had suddenly disappeared when he opened the car engine. He also checked if there were other faults and found none. The journey continued and the baby also stopped crying.

A few minutes later, Leah gained consciousness after hearing a voice of a baby crying in great pain only to discover that their car had crashed on a tree along the road. Park Haien was lying three feet away from her. She already knew what had transpired but could not recall how it occurred. She quickly grabbed her baby Park Haein trying to calm her down but all her efforts were in vain because she was badly injured. Junpyo lay unconscious beside their car which was now in flames. Leah quickly called an ambulance which took them to the small hospital of Seoul village called Kirin.

She felt as if someone had given her a death penalty when the nurses told her that   both Junpyo and Park Haein suffered internal injuries and needed surgery in a jiffy. Sadly there was one doctor in the hospital and it was impossible for the doctor to save Park Haein and Junpyo at the same time. The fate of her husband and her innocent baby lay in her hands; hence a sacrifice had to be made. After a long internal conflict she signed the papers. She thought it was best to save Junpyo, the only relative she had ever known her whole life, at the same time it broke her heart that she sacrificed her innocent baby whom she had been anticipating for a long time.

Up to this day, Leah can see and hear baby Park Haein’s little voice crying out loud in her dreams begging her to save her little soul. She just wishes Park Haien moves on and stop haunting her. It becomes more catastrophic because Junpyo then passed on after one month of surgery. She is still sitting by the verandah with tears flowing from her eyes as this incident  always bring her miserable memories. Fate will determine what is going to happen to her as she is now left alone without anyone to console her.

 I gave out a sigh of relief and saw myself smiling after shooting the last pages of my script ‘DEAD END’ after a long tussle. I had confidence that this film I was producing was going to be a hit. As I prepare to go home after a long day, in my mind I am just thinking indeed great film directors exist on this planet. I could not help but admire the vital role played by the camera in my day to day activities as a film director.

This is my own untold story that the camera has told. The camera has become the voice of the voiceless. It seems like everything revolves around technology nowadays.


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