So Google got scammed! What about me?


I read an article Facebook and Google admitted to be being scammed online up to $100 million. The two are arguably the biggest technology companies on earth and they fell victim to scam by a Lithuanian man. They just announced they recouped their funds obviously because they are powerhouses of the internet but what if I get scammed, I sure am not the biggest technology company how on earth will I ever get my money back??. This should definitely make you start to think about your security online.

In this new era where we are adopting Econet master cards and of course the cash crisis where the laggards (sorry if you one them) have started living a cashless life news of Google are very frightening.  I don’t want to be the next victim.

So the Google and Facebook scamming happened and they have their money back now, but this just proved that internet safety is still at owner’s risk. I’m not advocating for back treading, quite the contrary I am a firm believer in cashless transactions. There is a lot to be gained when money is not kept under the mattress that same money can be loaned to someone like you and me to grow my business or for you to invest in yourself while the owner is not currently using and they can gain it back whenever they want it. The scam is teaching us that just like thieves breaking into your local grocery store it can happen to anyone and we should stay guarded. Preventing some scams is your own job. Don’t put easy to crack password, thoroughly assess who you deal with and of don’t give out your information because it’s a crazy out here someone somewhere is always trying to end you.

Let’s share stories of stories of internet scams that we’ve heard of to help each other below, till the next one stay secure.


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