ZIMBO Musicians Ready to cash In?

Top pic : Bundu Boys ; Bottom Left : Oliver Mtukudzi ; Bottom Center : Lovemore Majayivana; Bottom left : Stella Chiweshe

by Melusi Manabe

The Zimbabwean Music World has never been shy of talent, from the legendary Bundu Boys, Lovemore Majaivana, Thomas Mpfumo, Stella Chiweshe and still going strong Oliver Mtukudzi all being world class acts. However, none of these celebrated superstars ever got any significant wealth through music.

We could blame the lack of financial backing from music labels at that time, or the fact that music was not really viewed as a career at that time.
Fast forward 2017 a new generation of stars have emerged; ready to monetize their brands, breaking barriers and proving to have a business edge over the past generation. Notable mentions are Jah Prayzah , Ammara Brown, Oskid and Andy Cutter are breaking barriers opening doors to the regional and continental market and getting paid.

Jah Prayzah
JP, as he is effectively known these days, is arguable Zimbabwe’s now guy breaking all musical records and setting new ones in with his music entrepreneurship skills. Though controversial in many ways JP has found the recipe for success in his music. He is currently a goodwill ambassador for the Zimbabwe Defense Forces. He set the regional motion last year when he collaborated with Diamoind Platnumz in smash hit,Watoramari,that is still grinding with online views currently standing at 5 million views. JR did not stop there he again set the mark for his counterparts making another smash hit with Mafikizolo this year. Their song Sendekera is currently pulling 613 000+ views on YouTube. He has also opened the doors for his other Zimbabwean counterparts on TraceAfrica music channel.


The musical hustler also has established his own music label, Military Touch Movement, surrounding his camp with fan favorite power houses ExQ, Andy Muridzo, Nutty O, Tahle and producer DJ Tamuka.

Ammara Brown
The sensational Ammara has truly outgrown her father’s shadow. Being the daughter of the late iconic Andy Brown has not limited her brand but she has shown that she is her own person. From amassing collaborations with Jah Prayzah, Tytan she landed a regional collaboration with Dj Zinhle and Sizwe Ngubani in a multi linguistic hit Owami.

Though she is yet to release an album her single heats and quality videos have gained her an immense following. Her music videos have also made it to Trace Africa opening her up to the regional market. She has also indulged into acting expanding her income generating base in ZBC’s Muzita RaBaba television drama series.


Andy Cutter
Arguable Zimbabwe’s hottest music video producer, Andy Cutta is setting strides in the musical scene. He has produced music videos which have gotten award recognition like
Takura’s MaObama and Zini IRema. His latest work with Sandra Ndebele redefined her putting her back in the spotlight. With his creative musical talent it’s clear that a lot is yet to come from this video masterpiece maker.

Oskid is the countries number one music producer with several hits on his belt. He is talented in all genres and has produced smashing hits for top musicians in the country including, Jah Prayzah [Mudhara Vachauya], Ammara Brown and ExQ [Bachura], and Winky D [25].
He recently launched a clothes label, OSKID, with a range of clothing accessories which include t-shirts, caps, and hoodies.

OSKIDConsidering his young age and the number of awards he has won, it’s safe to say that a lot is yet to come from this young producer.


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