Falling In love is a nightmare

Samkeliso Ncube

Falling in love is the worst night mare that has ever happened to a girl child. I remember when I was young and innocent, when I knew nothing about falling in love. Life was fun, I knew no definition of a heart.

Someone wrote “ I wish falling in love had traffic lights too so that I would know if I should go for it, slow down or I should just stop”. It is unfortunate that love has no recipe, it has no formula each and every individual meet his or her own surprise.

I think things female counterparts suffer the most, they are the ones who get pregnant and left with fatherless babies. Girls suffer emotionally all in the name of love. Thus people should be aware not to fall in love so quickly to avoid heartbreaks.

Love on its on is not a bad but it is full of uncertainties, no one knows when its gonna end, you make sacrifices today not knowing whether that relationship will work or not. Love pushes you to sacrifice for a relationship which at the end does not last for long, love has no guarantees.

You-Were-Gonna-Break-My-Heart-put649desi48Love is a sad story, you will be busy loving someone while that same person is busy loving someone else. Its so sad those you love do not love you back, they take your love for granted. They do not feel bad about hurting you, they would hurt you more than a thousand times. If only we don’t love and live for the moment life would be fun and interesting.

Falling in love is a game of hurting each other, someone wrote “ LOVE IS PAIN”, where there is no pain there is no love. Its so unfortunate girls are the most fragile beings, they easily fall in love, they easily get attached in relationships and at the end of the day they get hurt



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