Homosexuality and bisexuality a Western ideology?

By Nomathemba Zondo

Though there has been a lot of controversial debates surrounding the recognition of homosexual rights in the world the Zimbabwean President has remained firm on his decisions not to legalise homosexuality in the country.

In the African perspective most countries have not legalised homosexuality and regard it as a curse, immoral or a Western phenomenon.

Though our neighbours, South Africa were one on the first countries to legalise

Image result for homosexuals  in zimbabwe

same sex marriages President Robert Mugabe still stands by his decision that homosexuality is a criminal offense. Due to the President’s decision most gays and lesbians still find it hard to reveal their sexuality in fear of being arrested and assaulted.

The leader of the Movement for Democratic change (MDC), Morgan Tsvangirai however seems to support the idea of legalising same sex marriage which has also made people to believe that he is a British puppet since they were the first to legalise same sex relationships.

However it should also be understood that some Western countries still condemn homosexuality and most homosexuals live in fear of being prosecuted. Recently the CNN reported a story on gays in Russia who were being killed by either their family members or members of society.

One of the gays that managed to speak to CNN reporters said he actually had to flee from his home in fear of being killed by his brothers. The interviewee told CNN reporters that once family members found out that one of them is homosexuals is gay that person would not be spared.

Another Korean man also interviewed by CNN said he was forced into a marriage whilst he was gay also had to flee from his home because he felt that he was living a lie.

So at the end of the day people should not think that Western countries are enjoying freedom but the treatment of homosexuals as deviants of society who deserve to be punished exists everywhere.


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