“If its to be, its up to me.”

Sineke Sibanda

There is a concept I learnt in my Entrepreneurship class, it basically touched on what we call the “locus of control”. What this concept simply talks about is how people decide and define their fate. It presents two variables, the internal and the external locus of control.

While the internal locus of control believes that one’s fate lies in their own hands, the external locus of control attributes everything to the unknown, in most cases, a deity, depending on the beliefs an individual holds. I’m really not interested in the external one, I believe its for life cowards, I want to talk about the other one.

self-motivation-quotes-1-728.jpgWhat is normally assumed is that if one has an internal locus of control, they are probably likely to succeed because they believe in themselves. They are driven to deliver results, simply because the world works on one fundamental principle, action. You go towards what you want.

An interesting lesson I learnt from a source, an upcoming entreprepreneur, Chiedza Mapani, (26), she said that with life, you cannot expect someone to live it for you.

“Everything rises and falls with you and the sooner you learn that, the better for you. There is no way you can think that things will fall into place without you moving a finger,” she said.

According to another, Elvis Jaleke, a student of Entrepreneurship from Lupane State University, what determines growth of any kind is your belief in what you can do.

“In all honesty,” Jaleke said. “I’m yet to see a miracle when it comes to business. When you relax, you lose out, when you act, you learn and ultimately grow.”

These interesting perspectives generally point to the fact that if anything is to be, it has to be up to you. Everything depends on how much you put into it. You have the power to shape the world, make the business you want.

If its to be, its up to you. You have to make it work yourself, model it the way you want it to be.


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