Pregnancy and Studying: Summing it all up

By Velisiwe Ashley Mangoye

I’m now in my 9th month…..yipeeeeee…..nana is about to come!! Last of last week I experienced some horrible period-cramps like pains….………so severe that I thought the baby was coming. I did not sleep a wink on that night. My back was veeeeery painful; it became much worse every time the baby moved. I took paracetamol tablets and the pain went down a bit. At 2am I asked to be prayed for by my family, I could not bear it anymore. I was crying the whole night…… I wonder what I will do when the time comes…lol. First thing the following morning I went straight to see a gynae (I was on easter holiday in Chinhoyi). The gynae checked me and told me that it was the baby turning. My nana has been breech all along, so he turned at 34weeks. The following week I went for a scan to confirm if nana was now in the head-down position. Nana was indeed in the correct position, ready for birth.


Well my darlings on the last post I was on a quest of finding a gynae. I went for the appointment and my gynae, Dr Mwedzi, recommended a number of gynaes from around town. Well, I have dropped the issue…….I don’t need a new gynae, when will I build a relationship with them? I also have secured a place for delivery. It’s Corporate24 and they have midwives, you can also be attended to by your personal gynae. They charge $470 for normal delivery, $1 350 for a c-section, and there’s a $20 cash non-refundable registration fee. They also take medical aids. It’s a new and very clean place. I like it because it is in town.


I have packed nana’s bag……only mine is left now. But I’m afraid my bundle of joy will come on a very cold day. However, I’m prepared…….I bought a lot of fleece wrappers and 2 carrier towels and blankets. Everything is now ready for him.


My final exams are starting next week. On the 4th of May I will be sitting for my first paper. The following week on the 10th  I will be writing my last final exam!!!!! I only have 2 exams, the other 3 courses were practicals and the dissertation was the 5th. I’m submitting the final dissertation on the 2nd of May, next week. After the 10th of May I will be anticipating the arrival of the baby and my first degree graduation!!!


It was nice sharing all this with you……… keep well friends…… you all.


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