By Nomathemba Zondo

Image result for church buildings photosThe African society has failed up to today to fully tolerate homosexual and bisexuals. These are the so called gays and lesbians which are usually referred to as “izitabane”.

This other day at church, the Pastor preached on how things are changing in the world emphasising that people need to repent for these are the warning signs that the coming of Jesus is nigh. To me it was a touching sermon till the issue of “izitabane” came up. The so called Man of God said one of the warning signs that Jesus is about to come is the fact there are people who now claim that they are in love with other men yet they are man they are men themselves.

“I mean does it make sense to you that one can say I am a man in a woman’s body,” said the Pastor.

“Are we saying that God makes mistakes when creating people? Is it even possible for him to give female organs when u supposed to be male,” he added.

At the end of the day I realised that as much as our society is failing to accept and tolerate any other sexuality which is not heterosexual the church is worse.

In my own understanding a church is a spiritual place where people go and meet up with God. It is a place for everyone for the God whom we worship loves “everyone.” The “everyone” means the black or white, dark or light, any ethnic group and even criminal that is the sinners but funny enough this same God does not love homosexuals and bisexuals!

I mean the Bible teaches that people should love one another and not judge anyone for God is the only judge, who then are we to shun them out? As we continue to gossip and preach about them do we even consider the impact it has on them. No-one ever puts it into consideration how these people actually feel. The church a place where they are supposed to be welcomed, loved and protected yet they are persecuted. This is ridiculous!

Homosexuals, bisexuals are normal human beings, they deserve love and respect. Religious institutions should allow them in church and treat them like everyone else otherwise. They are there to hear the word and fellowship not to be judged. After all these so called religious people are not holy as they claim to be!

Well if the church feels that homosexual need to repent then why allow them to come to church and have an encounter with God so that they may actually repent.




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