Ramifications of HIV and AIDS

By Lisa Masuku

It is every girl’s dream to one day walk down the aisle to meet her knight shinning armour and live happily ever after in an utopian fantasy of their fairy-tale love story.

Nkanyiso Ncube ( not her real name), had the same dreams growing up, but life’s cruelty has shown her nothing but brutality which has left her with bitterness.  She has been burnt so many times in her life and this has left her with permanent scars in her heart, body and soul to a point that she made a vow to herself to go/ remain celibate for the rest of her life.

She is not taking any chances. She feels there is no point in getting married and subjecting herself to the monstrous ways of men who keep subjecting innocent women to pain as they cheat and end up infecting their loved ones with the deadly HIV and AIDS.

She clearly remembers when it all started, when life crushed her bit by bit through ravaging all her loved ones.

This has left her filled with anger and resentment towards men because of three selfish, mean individuals.

Photo credit:  Internet

Nkanyiso bottles it all up inside her.

However, is bottling it all inside a wise decision or is she a ticking time bomb waiting to explode due to all the physical, mental and emotional trauma she has been through her entire life.

Nkanyiso was born in a family of three, however, she has suffered a terrible loss as she has watched all her family member succumb and being ravaged by HIV and AIDS.

She grew up in a society filled with a lot of disdain towards HIV and AIDS

Growing up she notes she always believed HIV and AIDS was a strange curse which was some form of a punishment to promiscuous people because that was what society perceived.

Sadly her innocent mother succumbed to the deadly virus and she blames her father for it. She recalls how she helplessly watched her mother fight a losing battle against HIV and AIDS because of her father who infected her with the virus as he was a very promiscuous man.

As if that was not enough, whilst she was still trying to recover from all the pain which she blames and hates her father for putting her mother through, it’s like the world simply turned its back on her.

She has had to bury both of her sisters who also faced the same agonising predicament faced by their mother, as they were also married to promiscuous men who infected them with HIV.

For this reason, she wants to enjoy a sex-free lifestyle, free from emotional pain and also free sexually transmitted diseases.


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