A survey on sexual rights

By Nomathemba Zondo

Sexual Rights Center (SRC) conducted a baseline survey in tertiary institutions to interrogate young people’s perceptions on sex and sexual rights.

The baseline survey which had a total number of hundred and twenty- three participants revealed that 74% are heterosexuals, 20% are homosexuals and 6% are bisexuals.

“Among the hundred and twenty-three that participated, 53% were females, 43% male and 4% other,” said a SRC representative.

One of the key findings from the survey revealed that 65% of the participants said homosexuals should be allowed in church because sex is a right.

“I believe homosexuals should be allowed in church because they are humans like everyone else so they should be granted the opportunity to have an encounter with God like everyone else,” commented one of the students who were ask to share their views on the issue.

“I think homosexuals should be allowed in church because what they are doing is a sin against God so if they are allowed in church maybe they can repent and give their lives a turn around.”

According to the finding of the baseline, participants 51% of the participants said that homosexuals are immoral.

“It is so unfortunate that some still think being attracted to a person of the same sex is immoral and a crime yet this issue is really based on hormones, said another student. I think this this is scientific really. Being homosexual does not mean I am committing a crime or being disrespectful.

Participants in the baseline recommended that there is a need to raise awareness and critical consciousness on sexual rights and agency among persons in tertiary institutions.



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