Implications of inserting traditional herbs in the Vajayjay

By Lisa Masuku

Picture taken from Nehanda Radio

I was coming from Plumtree town when a commuter omnibus dropped me at Egodini terminus. I rushed to the public toilet before I proceeded to my home. Without paying attention I entered to the toilet to relieve myself.

When I was coming out I bumped into a group of women who were sitting and in front of them there were herbs. I wondered what it was.  As I kept staring one of the old grannies called me “makoti buya uzebona ezokuqinisa umuzi” (come and see medicines for making your home strong).

I also wondered what that meant. I was sacred. I turned and approached her. She showed me herbs and she said all those were meant to boost women’s sex drive and in this way the herbs help keep a ma.

She also continually emphasised that the herbs are the gateway for a woman to consistently work her magic in bed and certainly satisfy her man in that way her man would never think of approaching other women.

I thought to myself how these traditional herbs can do that? I listened…. She described “This is called umchemo wendwangu. If you use it he will never turn against you,” she said.

Beside me, there were a lot of women who were buying such medicines. They were going from $1 price to $5 depending on the type of muthi (herbs) that one wants to purchase.

I chit chatted with her for quite some time as he was trying to convince me to buy the traditional medicines.

I left without buying any. I thought to myself how women use these traditional herbs to make their man want them more

“She told me. You insert it into your vagina before having sex. You can stay with it for three hours or more and remove it after some time,” I told myself what she told me.

I was so worried. I went on and I asked my auntie. She told me they are good traditional herbs to make a man stay and like you.

I thought to myself does this not have health effects on women because most of these people are not traditional medicine experts but they are only after making a livelihood for themselves.

I took turns to ask health experts.

Sitheni Nzima, a nurse in South Africa said these herbs are the ones that cause cervical cancer. Nzima described those herbs as having serious effects on women bodies.

“Women should not use those herbs because they have a great effect on their bodies. Some suffer from cervical cancer because or those herbs. They should not tempt to use them. They have long term effects on people’s bodies,” she said.

Another health expert, Dumiso Mleya, a doctor said it was so worrying that women abuse their bodies just to please men.

Mleya said they risk their bodies by using those natural herbs only to make a man stay without considering the side effects of those herbs.

“Women should be concerned about their bodies. Inserting herbs to your vagina has a great effect as some end up suffering from many diseases. These days we all fear cancer. Such herbs contribute to cervical cancer,” he said.

Above all, the most important thing is for one to love and believe in herself before seeking out love from someone else.


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