Internet Marketing key for your business.

By Sineke Sibanda

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.

Over time, Gates’ words have been gathering moss, pointing to the fact that the future we are headed towards will be determined more by the internet than anything else.

There is so much activity that happens online now, such that most businesses can not doInternetSales.jpg without. Just to carry out an x-ray assessment of this claim; consider how banks, mobile networks, clothing retail stores and gadgets that we now buy or access their services from the comfort of our homes. This simply points to how the world of business has been significantly reconfigured, but the question is, what does it mean to you?

It may simply mean that if you decide to keep your invention off the internet, you definitely will be certain that there is little that invention will do to the world beyond your reach.

So to be quite honest, there has to be a way you can turn your innovation into something bigger and better.

packagepricing.jpgThe internet now offers a number of answers to different questions, why cant your innovation be also seen in the list of answers. Probably a lot of advantages you know them and there has been a lot of articles written and awash on the web as to how to ‘neticise’ (putting it on the net) your business.

I will not do that again but all I can say hear is that one of the reasons we are really not marketing our businesses online from this end of the world (Africa) is normally because we lack confidence in our creations. We are not sure if it’s the right answer, if it’s the correct innovation, if people will welcome it well.

I have heard lots of testimonies and testified to a number of unfortunate instances personally but the honest truth is, just do what you have to do. Its gonna be scary at first but I mean, cease the moment, be confident and just do it. Do you still care about what people really have to say, that ain’t gonna bring the money you have been looking for, just do what you have to do.

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