By Leeandah

Have you ever received a call from your ‘bae’ telling you how they can no-longer be in the relationship with you anymore? Confusion strikes, you cry, you curse but one thing l have experienced and that hurts is letting go.

There is nothing painful and heart breaking as letting go of someone especially when you loved them. Letting go is not a once of thing but a process that has no estimated time frame. During the first days you will be thinking he was joking but then reality is he has left you unexpectedly when you thought maybe we are on the same page.

As days pass by you will be trying to comfort yourself thinking you will be fine but you would be having sleepless nights, flash backs. Flash backs are the worst moments that can ruin your day. In some instances you find yourself looking at the pictures you took together and you try and figure out what really went wrong, at the end of the day you blame yourself for everything

Crying and blame game will never wipe away the fact that he is gone and he will not come back. Yes, you will hesitate to call him and ask how he is holding up since he left you. The truth is the ‘dude’ moved on the moment he thought of leaving you. Stalking him will be the order of the day whilst he moves on with his life. Letting go of the memories you shared will be a nightmare and something you cannot do.

It’s ok for you to miss the person who hurt you but it’s not ok for you to let that person hurt you again by thinking about that person. Never let someone who you wrong made you feel like there I something wrong with you. Do not devalue yourself just because someone did not know your worth even when that person does not.

Its ok for you to still care about the person who took you for granted but it’s not ok for you to put yourself back in a position that person made you feel unappreciated. Learn to move on with your life without stalking him, wondering how he is holding up because he doesn’t care anymore. Get out of that shell and be yourself and be happy because you only live once. YOLO


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